No maintenance on walkway

The security light at the entrance to the site is covered by foliage.

A long-standing Mowbray resident, who for the past decade has enjoyed traversing the path from Mostert’s Mill to the Rhodes Memorial, says the track and surrounding woodlands are not being properly maintained.

Simon Hayes, who has lived in Mowbray for 25 years, has described the condition of the path as “abominable”, and fears uncleared fallen trees and wood pose a significant fire hazard.

Mr Hayes said he had written to SANParks and the fire department about his concerns but was told a lack of resources had made it difficult to maintain that section of the park.

“What I can’t understand is why no one has approached township groups who could distribute this wood among communities for cooking purposes. Trees that otherwise would have been cut down for this purpose would then be spared,” he said.

During a site visit by the Tatler last week, Mr Hayes pointed out the missing turnstile at the park entrance. Signage prohibiting cycling had also vanished.

He said there had been only “half-hearted” efforts to maintain the drains and he worries what will happen if there is a repeat of July 2013 when heavy rains caused a lot of mud and debris to come down the mountain.

Mr Hayes said he has also noticed a sudden lack of security on the track.

Rhodes Memorial and the surrounds were rocked by a series of rapes between November last year and March this year, prompting increased patrols and security in the area. While the alleged rapist has been arrested, Mr Hayes said the heavy security presence should remain.

“There was a security guard here until about two weeks ago, but he is no longer here. What’s worse is that the security light at the end of the M3 bridge is covered by foliage. You can’t even see it anymore,” he said.

Another noticeable “eyesore” was a lone telephone pole which had been stripped of its cabling.

“It’s ugly, and there is no reason for that pole to be here,” he said.

SANParks spokeswoman Merle Collins did not respond to questions by printing time.