Dialogue on compassionate leadership

Mansoor Ahmed Zahid, from Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat South Africa; Veronica McHugh, from the American Brahma Kumaris branch; Nita Makanjee, the coordinator from the Brahma Kumaris Claremont office; and Bishop Templeton Mbekwa, chairperson from the South African Religious Forum.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University welcomed international guest Veronica McHugh from their American branch at a workshop on compassion last Thursday June 27.

Several dozen people from Christian and Muslim organisations as well as people from the health industry and non-profit organisations joined the dialogue, held at the organisation’s Claremont office, on how compassion can influence leadership.

Ms McHugh, originally from Ireland but now based in Florida, has been affiliated to the non-profit organisation for over 40 years.

“Healing of the heart and spirituality of the heart, the topics that are given and shared means we are all much closer, our stories are not that different from one another,” said Ms McHugh.

“There is something to learn from everyone.”

Mansoor Ahmed Zahid, from the Athlone-based Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of South Africa, said: “The way society and the world is going, we need people in the world to have a heart. We need those who can have compassion with each other and tolerance towards one another.”

Bishop Templeton Mbekwa, chairperson of the South African Religious Forum, said the session on compassion had been inspiring.

“The contributions made by various organisations made me revisit myself,” he said.

Bishop Mbekwa said Godly inspired compassion goes beyond your comfort zone and religion, beyond who you are.

Nita Makanjee, coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris office in Claremont, said Ms McHugh’s workshop had “provided a lovely reminder that we’re all aspiring to create and live in a way that’s more meaningful for the self and others”.