Old age home gets facelift

Pictured are NOAH director Anne Dobson, centre, with corporate sponsors, Danie du Preez, left, and Jackie Putter at the ribbon cutting after the refurbishment

Corporate sponsors gave a Woodstock old age home a much-needed facelift on Saturday. Extensive repainting and refurbishment was done at the Neighbourhood Old Age Homes’s (NOAH) home in Regent Street and some of its residents helped with the job. Diane Boucher, 63, mucked in with the painting and Boyce Msutu,78, said he felt “indebted” to those sprucing up his home. NOAH director Anne Dobson thanked the sponsors. “The big thing for us is that older people in the community are often unseen. I think today with this makeover, we made it a wonderful contemporary space for them and it says that we do see you and do value you,” she said. About R375 000 was donated for the refurbishment, which will benefit 330 pensioners.