Enough robots and speed bumps in Rondebosch

Allen Lang, Rondebosch

The story “Elderly fear busy traffic intersection in Rondebosch” (Southern Suburbs Tatler, July 5) refers.

I have lived in the area for about 40 years and agree that speeding is a problem along Milner Road in Rondebosch.

However, the intersection in question has a clear view of both sides of Milner Road (having used it myself on numerous occasions), so how someone could not see a car coming their way is somewhat beyond me. Perhaps a bit more concentration or patience on the part of drivers is required when attempting to enter the Milner Road?

There are more than enough traffic lights, four-way stops and speed bumps in the area. My suggestion would be to install speed camera boxes around the suburb. In particular, I am sure that installing a camera at the Milner Road / Sandown Road intersection would generate enough revenue for the City that they could almost do away with property rates.

I have been suggesting for a long time, that the yellow camera boxes should be installed at various intersections all over Cape Town.

Actual cameras need not be installed in all of them, but rather a few cameras which are regularly moved around so that road users do not know which camera boxes are active at any time. I am positive that the cost of this would be recouped very quickly from the traffic fines generated. (Of course, the next problem would be to figure out a way to get all cars to have genuine number plates fitted at all times.)