Skate park opened

Brett Herron, Mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, officially opened the Woodstock Skate Park.

Local skateboarders welcomed the opening of the new Woodstock skate park.

Skaters tested the new facility, on the eastern side of the Woodstock Town Hall along Victoria Road, at its official opening on Monday July 16.

The R675 000 project started in February and was funded through the City’s capital budget.

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, was the ward councillor in 2014 when the proposal for the park emerged during discussions with the local community and the skateboarding fraternity on the revitalisation of the Woodstock Town Hall precinct, as part of the World Design Capital co-design ward project.

“It has been a fantastic journey to see how this Woodstock skateboard park has grown from being an idea to a reality which will benefit and empower our local talent. I want to thank the community, including the skateboarders, for sharing their valuable input relating to the location of the site, the planning, and in the design stages of the project. This project is a sterling example of the value of partnerships between local government and residents,” he said.

The 2015 South African skateboard champion, Shuaib Philander, from Woodstock, gave Mr Herron a few tips on how to skateboard.

“The skateboard community is very happy to have its first transitional skatepark. It is a concrete ramp that imitates a wave which is how skateboarding was started. It involves lots of ramps and has curvatures. We love the skatepark that we have here,” said Mr Philander, who has been skateboarding for 13 years.

Skateboarder and BMX rider Sergei Pringiers, from Rondebosch, welcomed the new skate park.

“It is very nice to have the facility here. It is a bit steep but that’s because we are not used to it. The facility is pretty well-rounded and I like how it has different features. It is a good place for people to hang out and stay safe,” he said.

Mr Herron said he was glad to hear that the site had become a popular one during the school holidays.

“I believe the skateboarders were so eager and couldn’t wait for the final snags to be completed. I am confident that this facility will provide our emerging and local talent with a platform to hang out together, hone their skills and to have fun in a safe and well-designed space that they can enjoy,” he said.