River clean-up raises awareness about wetlands

Liesbeek Neighbourhood Watch member, Carol Thompson, left, and Faith Smith picking up litter at the Liesbeek River ahead of World Wetlands Day.

Friends of the Liesbeek cleaned up of the Liesbeek River and surrounds ahead of World Wetlands Day, Sunday February 2

Friends volunteers were joined by Communitree, a non-profit, the Liesbeek Neighbourhood Watch and staff from a fishing company, on Friday January 31.

Friends project manager Sabelo Memani said wetlands were home to many land and water species and were important for carbon absorption for clean water and ground water recharge.

“It is therefore important that we conserve and restore them to avoid any biodiversity losses which directly impact on our livelihoods.”

Communitree director Frances Taylor said: “It is to have people coming together globally to save and raise awareness for the preservation of wetlands.”

Neighbourhood watch member Carol Thompson added: “Liesbeek River is a fantastic resource, where residents can walk along it with their families and dogs.”

Mr Memani said more people needed to be taught about the importance of the wetlands.

The volunteers filled three and a half garbage bags with rubbish.