‘Rubbish’ container removed

The overflowing recycling container at Newlands train station.

Consol Glass say they have removed their overflowing recycling container from the side of Newlands train station.

The skip and the area around it had become a dump for rubbish.

The company admitted that the container was supposed to have been removed from the site after they were informed by the private recycler which was hiring it, that they would no longer be part of the recycling programme.

On Monday February 3 the skip was overflowing with glass, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard boxes and even plastic packets.

Hundreds of glass bottles and other rubbish lay strewn on the ground around it.

Ward 59 councillor Ian Iversen said the skip had not been emptied for three weeks.

“The skip is overflowing which indicates that people were just dumping items around the skip,” he said.

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott says they do rotational clean-ups as their schedule permits.

“Should there be dire need for clean-ups in between cycles, our area managers or customer services managers work closely with neighbourhood organisations and our facilities division to try and assist,” she said.

Mr Iversen said the station manager could have called on the community to help. “There are a number of environmental groups in the City who I am sure would step forward help to address this unacceptable situation,” he said.

Spokesperson for Consol Glass, Tracey Peterson says the company took the necessary steps to have the skip removed yesterday.

“As soon as Consol Glass was made aware of the overflowing glass recycling container at the Newlands Station, the company launched an internal investigation,” she said.

Ms Peterson says after being informed by the recycler some time back that they could no longer participate in the recycling programme, Consol gave an instruction for the skip to be relocated. “This was unfortunately not properly actioned,” she said.

Mr Iversen urged the public to be far more active in alerting authorities about situations such as this one.

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