Pupils march for peace

The pupils formed a heart sign on the grounds.

Golden Grove Primary School in Rondebosch held a peace march last Friday, ahead of International Peace Day on September 21.

All the pupils were dressed in blue and white and marched around the school field, accompanied by a Claremont police bakkie.

The school has done the peace march for five years.

Deputy principal Vanessa Thaver said it taught pupils to reflect on bad behaviour and find positive ways to manage their emotions.

“We also want to encourage pupils to stand up for each other in a peaceful way and hope that pupils hurt by unkind behaviour will speak up and stand tall so that we can restore their wellbeing and dignity and ensure that those practising bullying behaviour get appropriate help.”

During the march, the pupils waved the national flag and called for peace.

Later they held a silent march
in memory of those felled by violence.

Policewoman Sergeant Zita Norman said she was impressed with the march and it would make the children “better human beings”.

The pupils formed a heart-shaped symbol on the school field and Ms Thaver said peace started with everyone and came from the heart.