Police shot at in Obs

A 9mm pistol confiscated after the attempted hijackig last Saturday.

Woodstock police officers found themselves dodging bullets in Observatory on Saturday night.

Woodstock police spokesman, Sergeant Hilton Malila, said officers on patrol at about 8.30pm on Saturday, spotted two men breaking into a black BMW parked near the corner of Herschel and Trill roads.

As the officers moved in to apprehend them, the men ran, shooting at the pursuing officers.

Police apprehended one of the men and seized a loaded 9mm pistol. The other man got away and is still at large.

Police arrested five people during raids on Woodstock drug dens last Thursday.

And they also arrested 20 people in the Mascani squatter camp for being undocumented, according to Sergeant Malila.

Two women were held for possession of dagga, a man on possession and dealing charges. Police seized a plastic bag with 6g of tik.

In Wright Street, police seized 11 packets of tik and 4 mandrax tablets, and they arrested a man for dagga possession. Another suspect was arrested near Wright Street for possession of dagga.

Acting on a tip-off, police arrested a 33-year-old suspected drug dealer in Avenue Road in the early hours of Tuesday September 4.

When officers searched his room, they found 114 grams of heroin behind his door and a lot of cash in his room.