Police talk safety at pre-school

Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty giving the children a safety briefing at the Sunny Side Montessori pre-school.

A Claremont police officer visited Sunny Side Montessori pre-school last Monday to give the children a safety talk.

It followed a spate of child abductions in the past month (“Pupil safety in the spotlight,” Southern Suburbs Tatler, September 6.

Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty said she was visiting schools in the precinct to warn them about the abduction threat.

The talk to the little ones also touched on bullying, stealing and getting into fights.

She warned the children not to talk to strangers or take anything from them, and not to wander off by themselves to a shopping mall or park.

Sergeant Chetty advised the school’s teachers to call a pupil’s parents the moment they noticed a change in the child’s behaviour pattern.

Principal Caitlin Klichowicz said it was vital for children to be aware of their surroundings and possible dangers.

“Often staff and parents worry about the dangers of kidnapping and this briefing provided us all with how perceptive we need to be going out into the public with our loved ones,” said Ms Klichowicz.

“Unfortunately in this day and age there are real dangers regarding children’s safety,” she said.

Sergeant Chetty can be contacted for any abduction or missing persons cases on 082 850 9703.