Nannies taught to stay safe

Standing, from left, are RCID manager Shirley Aldum, Warrant Officer Lyndon Sisam,and nanny Blessing Buranda. Seated from left are nannies Nomangesi Nyamuka, Patricia Muchemwa, Spiwe Tapera and Melander Nyakudya.

Rondebosch police are teaching neighbourhood nannies how to keep crime out of the home.

The safety workshops are being held at homes in the area.

RondeboschSAPSworked with the Rondebosch Community Improvement District (RCID) on the initiative, which started last week.

Gardeners are also being encouraged to attend the workshops.

Warrant Officer Lyndon Sisam said the workshops dealt with general security and precautions to take when caring for young children.

The home workshops are for those unable to attend the Eden and Eve sessions, which deal with the same issues, held at the police station.

RCID manager Shirley Aldum said the workshops trained nannies to be more safety conscious.

“Basic security awareness is given from the time they leave their homes, travelling on public transport, to the time they arrive at your front gate.

“They are taught what to look out for while walking in the streets or visiting local parks with the children and while carrying out their household duties during the day.

“We encourage them to share this information with their family and friends.”

Spiwe Tapera, 50, from Langa, said the workshop she attended had been informative.

“When we take the children to the the park, we must make sure that we tell another nanny in the area so there can at least be two or three nannies in the park. Though if we do see someone who looks suspicious, we should go back home,” said Ms Tapera.

A lot of development is happening in Rondebosch, and police have warned residents not to let people claiming to be contractors and landscapers into their homes without checking their credentials.

Call Ms Aldum at 021 689 6423 or Warrant Officer Sisam at 021 685 7345 for details about the workshops.