Man caught with remote jammer in Claremont

Law enforcement arrested a 41-year-old man for possession of a remote control vehicle jammer and for resisting arrest.

The officers were on patrolling in Claremont on Thursday, when they got a tip-off about a man breaking into vehicles in Kildare Road. They responded and saw scouting out vehicles, who fit the description. When he was searched, officers found a remote control vehicle jamming device. It later emerged that the man is out on parole for eight cases of housebreaking and theft out of motor vehicle.

Law enforcement also arrested 20 people at a roadblock in Mowbray on Friday.

Eighteen of the 20 were arrested for drunken driving, one for reckless and negligent driving and one for interfering with the duties of an officer.

Also on Friday, a 28-year-old man was arrested for attempted burglary. A camera operator spotted the man trying to open a roller shutter door in Woodstock at just after 11pm. He alerted police who arrested the man for an attempted break-in.

An hour later CCTV operators spotted two men, also in Woodstock, breaking into a red Mini Cooper. They alerted the police and the Central City Improvement District arrested one of the men for theft out of a motor vehicle.

“These incidents prove just how crucial response times are in the fight against crime. Not only does it help to catch criminals in the act and showcases the use of closed circuit television cameras as a force multiplier, but immediate responses to community tip-offs help to build confidence in the policing sector and encourages others to step forward with information. It was also good to see how the various enforcement agencies collaborated on a number of these arrests, in the interest of community safety,’ said the City’s Mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith.