Giving children the start they need at St Anne’s

St Anne’s Home employees celebrate with Nomandi Sweetness Gxoko on her special day.

Some of the children whom Nomandi Sweetness Gxoko has helped to care for at a Woodstock shelter for women and children are now at university.

That shows just how important the foundation phase of a child’s life is, she says.

Ms Gxoko, 60, of Delft South, has worked at St Anne’s Home for 25 years, and, on Wednesday June 1, her colleagues held a small party to thank her for her long service.

She takes care of babies and children in the non-profit organisation’s early childhood development centre.

“Being a childcare worker, especially for the babies, one becomes the first teacher of the children and has an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the way forward,” Ms Gxoko said.

St Anne’s Home director Joy Lange said: “Ms Gxoko has a rich understanding of the growth and development of young children especially those who have been traumatised by the abuse of the mother or who have been abused in the process.”