Community supports cancer home fund-raiser

Participants at the end of the 4km walk/run.

About 150 people took part in a 4km walk/run fund-raiser at the Sybrand Park premises of the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation on Saturday June 4. The event was also held in recognition of National Cancer Survivors Day, which is on the first Sunday in June.

Cancer survivors were honoured at the CHOC house in Sybrand Park.
Lauren Rees from Newlands and her brother, James Irlam, from Rosebank, enjoyed the race.
Malika Salie, left, and Anita Sardini from Lancet Laboratories supported the event.
Sybrand Park resident Ebrahim Osman, left, and Sybrand Park Residents’ Association chairperson Imtiaz Adams finished the race triumphantly.