Delivering bread to needy

Woodstock Community Police Forum chairman Youssef Kanouni hands two loaves of bread to Salt Rivers Kamilla Collins.

Woodstock’s Community Police Forum chairman is giving bread to the needy in Woodstock and Salt River.

Youssef Kanouni, 46, says there is a dire need in the community.

“I have seen people living in poverty, many homeless people still roaming the streets and families that can’t make an income during the lockdown period.”

With help from donations, he buys 100 to 150 loaves a day for pensioners, the homeless, households left penniless by lockdown, and a local mosque’s feeding scheme.

“I am grateful for the support that I have received from donors who have seen my social media posts and decided to help me with this initiative.”

Salt River pensioner Kamilla Collins said Mr Kanouni has been delivering bread for her and her family since lockdown started.

“We are so grateful for him, as we are nine people in the house, and only myself and my husband, Ebrahim, who is also on pension are the main breadwinners in the house.”

Rifkah Bazier, whose mother in law, Mareldia Bazier, 80, stays with her in Woodstock, thanked Mr Kanouni for paying attention to the neighbourhood’s elderly.

“Even before lockdown, he used to check up on us and see if we are fine.”

Mr Kanouni, who had to close his Woodstock clothing store due
to the lockdown, uses his own car
and petrol to make the bread deliveries.

“This is about humanity and as an active citizen of the rainbow nation I help all people from different walks of life regardless of religion, race or cultures,” he said.

Contact him at 071 152 4062 or if you want to help.