Mark Kleinschmidt, Kenwyn

More than 80 police officers have been killed this year.

The aforesaid should elicit a state of emergency by national government.

The maths for the number of killings equates to nearly 20 a month or two a day.

The slaying of Detective Lindekile Sikade from Philippi East, and Metro police officer Simon Sigasa from Johannesburg is strongly condemned, but what recourse do we have after the condemnation of the dastardly murders?

If the perpetrators are targeting law enforcement officers solely for their firearms in order to commit further acts of crime, wherein lies the solution to end the heinous killings?

Unless this stark reality is addressed swiftly, less young men and women will enter the policing services, albeit it SAPS or the municipal Metro police services.

I implore national government to declare a state of emergency in respect of the atrocity to stop the killings, and rid civil society of illegal and unlicensed firearms, and the cowardly perpetrators.