Woodstock resident needs support for soup kitchen

Soup being handed out in Observatory.

A young Woodstock man is appealing for support for a soup kitchen he has started.

Raphael Ramsay, 18, got the project going about a month ago after seeing the impact of Covid-19 and the need in his community.

He sourced money and food from family, friends and fellow residents for three pots of soup – made by his aunt – that he distributed at Woodstock park and opposite the Observatory library.

“As far back as I can remember, I always felt sympathetic to those without a home,” he said.

“Granted, some choose to live that lifestyle, but I think many are just not fortunate to be born into a family like most of ours. Our country statistically is one of the highest in the world in terms of those without food security. I told myself, one day, if I am fortunate enough to have the funds, I would start a soup kitchen, and luckily I was.”

Raphael has fed about 350 people and sourced donations for a further eight pots of soup.

“I would like to keep this going for as long as I can as well as increasing the quantity of pots made in a week,” he said.

“However, I feel my message hasn’t been heard by enough people for me to truly do what I set out to accomplish and I would appreciate any help towards this project.”

His friend, Liam Scholtz, 18, from Woodstock, said he volunteered with the soup kitchen because he wanted to help people who were struggling.

“Being apart of the soup kitchen with my friends, in our own community, is a very rewarding experience. It has helped me learn more about life and to grow as a person,” he said.

Raphael said the volunteers adhered to strict Covid-19 regulations when handing out
the soup. If you would like
to help, contact Raphael at 065 152 9291 or raphael.ramsay@icloud.com