UCT investigates alleged sexual assault on campus

Two UCT students have been suspended after being accused of involvement in a sexual assault. However, Mowbray police say no case has been registered.

UCT has suspended two students for their alleged involvement in a sexual assault.

One of the students is alleged to have committed the sexual assault while the other is accused of involvement, according to UCT spokesman Elijah Moholola.

The suspensions, according to UCT’s sexual misconduct policy, were a protective measure – taken without prejudice to those suspended – to protect a complainant, he said.

UCT’s special tribunal was investigating, he added.

“The university will ensure that due process is followed and that the matter is concluded as speedily as possible,” he said. The university’s Office for Inclusivity and Change (OIC) was assisting the complainant.

According to a statement from the UCT student representative council, students escorted the alleged perpetrator to Mowbray police station.

However, Mowbray police station commander Lieutenant Colonel David Malong said no case had been registered.

Mr Moholola said those publicly naming someone accused of sexual assault, including on social media, risked being sued for defamation.

OIC can be contacted at 021 650 3530 during office hours or 072 393 7824 at any time. Campus Protection Services can be contacted at 021 650 2222/3, day or night.