The Confirmation Vow

Colin Jooste, Observatory

With heaven as my ultimate destination, I shall on the day of Confirmation

Become responsible for the holy vow

Under which my parents for fifteen years had to humbly bow.

Since Sunday School already has been my preparation

For this heavenly and eternal qualification

Thanks to my first evangelist, my mother

And patient teachers who cared, about me, to bother!

The holy vow I make is a manifestation

Of unfeigned faith through many a Christian generation;

Fearlessly verbalised by young lions of their firm intent

Their deep love for God to unambiguously cement!

By the powers vested in God’s servant, my consecration

Will open the floodgates to blessing and my final installation

As a worthy bridal soul for Christ’s return

The glorious day of the First Resurrection for which my heart doth yearn!

Renouncing Satan and all his works and ways

Not only at the altar but also in the coming days;

Surrendering myself to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Supported by loyal brethren and the heavenly host;

In belief, obedience and the earnest resolution

To remain faithful to God until that wedding reception!