Thank you

Trish Thurtell, Lynfrae

My 85-year-old mother had a bad fall while walking from Rondebosch to Rosebank on Monday July 18.

She was in shock, pain and was confused. She could not get up, but thanks to the help of two wonderful women, she was able to get back on her feet. These women tried to flag down motorists to assist, but no one stopped.

Eventually, Jean Barrett stopped and took my mother to the Rosebank Methodist Church where she’d been going to make tea at the South African Association of Retired Persons meeting. Ms Barrett contacted me, and my husband took my mom to the emergency room at Kingsbury Hospital.

I spent the day beside her bed in ER while various tests, X-Rays and CT scans were performed. She was then admitted to the hospital.

She has asked me to write to the Tatler to thank the women who helped her. We want to add our gratitude to all three of you for stopping and assisting her and for taking her to the hall. It’s caring people like yourselves who make a difference in this world!

For your information, mom sustained a shattered wrist and a broken orbital bone. She is being operated on as I write this letter.

Many thanks for being the special women you are.