Spring cleaning

Sharon van Schoor from Springfield Terrace, Letitia October from Strandfontein and Jasmien Kalam from Springfield Terrace doing spring cleaning in the kitchen.

Scores of volunteers from Springfield Terrace in District Six and Walmer Estate helped the District Six Haven Night Shelter with spring cleaning on Saturday.

The volunteers and shelter residents worked together to get it clean, says Ezra October, the shelter’s chairman.

“We would have done the spring cleaning sooner, though we were waiting for the weather to improve,” he said.

They cleaned the sleeping quarters, the kitchen and outside drains; scrubbed down the driveway; and worked in the garden. It was Springfield Terrace resident Sharon van Schoor’s first visit to the shelter.

“I normally always walk past the shelter,” she said.

“It was good meeting the people, and it will be good for the shelter to open up to the community at least once a month so that people can see what kind of work they do.” Call 021 465 1310 or email district6@haven.org.za to learn more about how you can help the shelter.