Smoothing the ID card road

Learners interact with Home Affairs staff.

Department of Home Affairs’ top brass visited Sans Souci Girls’ High School on Monday morning to help matric pupils get new smart IDs.

It was part of Home Affairs Deputy Minister Fatima Chohan’s Good Citizen campaign promoting diversity and social harmony.

As part of the campaign, officials smooth the way for matric pupils to get their new IDs, capturing their information and arranging for them to visit the department at a set time.

“We have brought our officials here to assist matric students who are going to write their matric exams later to acquire their ID documents, so you won’t have to come and stand in a queue at Home Affairs,” said Ms Chohan

She congratulated Sans Souci on its 100% matric pass.

Principal Ruschda O’ Shea said the school felt honoured to have the deputy minister visit.

“The Good Citizenship programme ties in with our values,” she said.

Head girl Haneefah Safi said the matrics were glad they would not have to wait in long queues and would be able to get their IDs by the time they needed them.

Home Affairs will also be running
the Good Citizenship programme at schools in Hout Bay, the West Coast and Soweto.