School gets radio station

Station manager of the new Cannons Creek Radio, Wendy Joubert.

Cannons Creek independent school has launched its own online radio station.

Wendy Joubert, the school’s tourism teacher, is the station manager and says it’s a radio station for the pupils by the pupils.

Because its online digital radio, anyone can listen by downloading the station’s Android app.

But it is not a live radio show and it will not feature on our national radio waves.

Ms Joubert says the pupils will be on radio talking about various school subjects and the discussions will be available for streaming on the app.

“If you are at home and got nothing better to do, you can listen to the radio,” said Grade 8 Alexander Botha.

Principal Mika van Haght said: “This is a real way to work with teachers, pupils, the curriculum and bring it all to life in a real-world scenario of online radio.”