Return the money

Andrea Stelling, Rondebosch

On Saturday May 21 I was at the Howard Centre mall in Pinelands. Just after midday, I went to a Standard Bank ATM to draw R500.

I was very pre-occupied and after my card came out of the machine, I took it and walked off without taking my money.

Within a minute, I realised my mistake and raced back to the ATM, only to find that the money had been taken by someone.

The bank was closed so it couldn’t have been handed in there.

I went to the security desk on the off-chance that it had been handed in there, but no luck with that.

Together with two security officers, we pored over the CCTV camera footage and we determined who the person was that had taken my money.

So I know exactly what the person looks like.

I am especially upset as that R500 was going to be put towards paying off vet bills for my sick dog (that is the reason why I was so pre-occupied at the time of drawing the money).

So whoever you are, I urge you to do the right thing and return the money, either via the bank in the mall or via the Tatler (no questions will be asked).Or else donate that R500 towards an animal charity.