Proud of president

Ellapen Rapiti Kenwyn

I admire our president for acting decisively, swiftly and authoritatively, and for acting on the advice of his advisory committee of specialists, who understood the problem and guided us so well.

Through his statesman-like leadership, he managed to muster the support of big business and the nation to get behind him to fight the spread of the virus.

We managed to contain the spread of Covid-19, unlike Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, who made light of the disease.

Today, America and Britain, two advanced First World countries, have now become the main epicentres of the virus in the world.

For once, our Third World country can be proud to be leading the way, in spite of our limited resources.

I am proud of our country and delighted to be led by our country’s best president, who never wavered in his resolve as he steered the nation in uncharted territory. I know and hope history will judge him well, when we emerge victorious.

We can only be grateful that neither Thabo Mbeki, the Aids denialist, nor the scandalous, guffawing, Gupta-loving Jacob Zuma are in charge.

Let’s be grateful for small mercies.