Post Office closed due to rental dispute

The Woodstock post office remains closed.

Woodstock residents are unhappy that their local post office has been closed for almost a month.

It hasn’t been open since Monday February 11. According to a notice on the door, the closure is temporary and due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

It says mail dating back to February 12 will be held at the Mowbray post office.

According to SA Post Office spokeswoman Martie Gilchrist, the closure is the result of a rental dispute.

“It is unfortunately closed by the landlord owing to a rental dispute, which we trust will be resolved soon,” she said.

The post office was closed from Tuesday December 4 to Wednesday December 5 last year also because of a rental dispute with the landlord.

Felicia, an elderly Woodstock resident who was only prepared to give her first name, said the closure was an inconvenience because she couldn’t pay her accounts or withdraw her pension at the post office which is close to her home in Woodstock.

Shireen Fisher said she had been wondering why she had not received a slip to collect graduation pictures that had been sent to the Woodstock post office.

Ms Gilchrist apologised for the “inconvenience” and said residents could collect their mail and parcels from the Mowbray post office.

Ward councillor Patrick Chapple said: “The constant problems at Woodstock affect communication between loved ones, disrupts business and is a government inflicted blight on our already difficult lives.”

The landlords, Zhaun’s Properties, declined to comment.