Lockdown art

Livingstone High School pupil Shaakirah Pretorius, 16, painted this piece titled Thought on Thursday June 25. Its about someone who is dealing with mental health and struggles to cope with their thoughts so it ends up overflowing, she said. It was done as a term 2 project themed Baggage / Burden for Grade 11 pupils during the national Covid-19 lockdown.

Has lockdown been your muse? Send us a high resolution version of your photographs, or good quality photographs of your artworks, be they paintings, drawings or sculptures, along with a short description and the date on which they were created. If you’d like to share a song or video you’ve created, you can share those too and we’ll choose the best ones to be published on our website. Contributions can be sent to lizahn.wentzel@inl.co.za or wesley.ford@inl.co.za