Let the dogs run

Ginette Flockton, Rondebosch

With reference to the letter, “Keep the leash on” (Tatler, March 24), I am sorry Dawn Ogilvie was knocked over and injured by a “bolting” dog at Keurboom Park.

I have been bowled over by my own dogs as they chased around exuberantly in the park. It happens. But this is no reason to ban unleashed dogs.

Keurboom Park is one of a very few areas where dogs can exercise, socialise and run free and what a joy it is for them and their owners to have this facility.

It is not just dogs who are hazardous; toddlers on their plastic bikes take advantage of the lovely new paths, gleefully gathering speed, causing us walkers to take urgent evasive action. Shall we ban them too?

In this time of gloom and doom, Keurboom Park provides some respite and an oppor-tunity for families and their pets to relax, enjoy the outdoors and share the dogs’ exhilaration as they gambol freely.

It lifts the spirits, however briefly. Let them run.