Kindness is uplifting

Sharon Cottle, Ward 58 councillor

This past month has been a particularly busy one on several fronts. I continue to be uplifted by the kind and unselfish acts of caring and compassion by members of our community in Ward 58.

There were several initiatives across the ward on the part of people in the community who continually strive to make the lives of others a little easier, and this month again saw the distribution of food parcels and protective masks.

And then, of course, this has been a very special month during which the role of women in society has been acknowledged as part of the national Women’s Day celebrations.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to test our courage, patience and resilience. It is in this light that my message this month is one of deep gratitude to the women across our ward who continue to be “pillars of stability” by showing great strength and kindness.

The City’s social development and early childhood development department hosted a Women’s Day workshop at the Sisters Incorporated facility based in Kenilworth on Tuesday August 18.

I was able to share some time with the participants at the workshop, which included discussions on the importance of Women’s Day and of opportunities for women in such facilities.

Perhaps the spirit of the workshop is best encapsulated through the words of Sisters Incorporated social auxiliary worker, Nobuntu Nforchu, who said: “The event was very good, especially because it was done by women who also inspire others; it really made everybody feel good to know that other women out there and at Sisters Incorporated care.”

Stay strong, everyone, together we will get through this!