Harfield residents respond to outbreak

Collected soap was dropped off at U-Turn charity centre in Imam Haron Road, Claremont.

Harfield Village is rallying to support society’s most vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Harfield Village Association (HVA) donated nearly 200 large bars of soap to U-Turn charity centre for the homeless in Imam Haron Road on Monday March 23, after getting a discount on the soap from a Claremont store.

HVA chairman James Fernie said: “This is just the beginning; we will look at all avenues to help all people in the community.”

Rowen Ravera, from U-Turn, said it was heartening the community had aided their efforts to help society’s vulnerable.

“There are many more days ahead when we do need to increase capacity to support the City of Cape Town’s measures to provide shelter for all the homeless, and we pray that the community will continue to support our ongoing work during these difficult times.”

The HVA also got the Spar in Rosmead Avenue to donate a trolley-load of food and toiletries to the needy. And the shop has set up trolleys where the public can donate non-perishable goods to the cause.

The association and the Harfield Village Community Improvement District (HVCID) have started a WhatsApp group to keep the community informed during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Many people will also be feeling emotionally vulnerable and isolated during this time, and it is important that they know that they live in a caring and supportive community,” Mr Fernie said.

HVCID manager Jenni Coleman said it was critical for the public to get their information from reliable sources.

“If we receive any important news from reliable sources like the City of Cape Town, the national government and Department of Health, we will alert them.”

During the lockdown, they would respond to basic queries from the public and monitor vulnerable members of the community, she said.

To help with street communications, email admin@hvcid.co.za or text or WhatsApp 081 412 6109.

Harfield Village resident Daniela Leigh’s WhatsApp group, “House of Angels”, gets volunteers to do shopping for the community’s vulnerable.

“We currently have 25 healthy volunteers that assist the vulnerable, elderly, people who have cancer and single parents who can’t go out to buy groceries or medicine at pharmacies,” Ms Leigh said.

“We will work in Harfield Village, Kenilworth, Claremont and Lynfrae, and will deal with EFT payments, and we ensure that volunteers don’t make physical contact with members when dropping off groceries.”

Text or WhatsApp 083 387 7185 to join the group. You can donate soap at any U-Turn clothing bin or partner store or visit the organisation’s head office at 155, 2nd Avenue, Kenilworth.

Visit Homeless.org.za/contact-us or email info@homeless.org.za to find the nearest U-Turn partner store.