Father and son Bond to write spy novel

Greg Davies co-authored Justice:Vengeance is Mine with his father, Mick Davies and Doug McClure.

A father and son from Pinelands teamed up with a Rondebosch man to write a spy novel that was published earlier this month.

Mick Davies and his son, Greg, spent a year working on Justice: Vengeance is Mine with Doug McClure.

In the book a US/UK special forces team races against time to stop a terrorist from unleashing a global plague. Thrown into the plot is the disappearance of a British actress.

Mr Davies senior, a retired car technician, says James Bond was the inspiration for the book.

“We have always been fans of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, so that is the route we chose. This is the first book of a trilogy.”

Mr McClure helped the father and son with the concept and design of the cover.

The co-authors used the pseudonym Jack Bruce.

“Jack is a strong male name and Bruce is representing the Scottish heritage of Doug,” says Mr Davies senior.

Justice: Vengeance is Mine is available at Exclusive books in Cavendish Square, Bargain Books in Pinelands, and on Amazon.

Doug McClure co-authored Justice: Vengeance is Mine with Mick Davies and his son, Greg.