Cancer patients need masks

People are encouraged to wear masks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Groote Schuur Hospital is appealing for support from the public to help the hospital with supplying face masks to ensure that their oncology patients are wearing face masks when coming for treatment.

Hospital spokesperson Alaric Jacobs says oncology patients are particularly vulnerable to the coronovirus (Covid-19) and also can’t afford to stop their oncology treatment during this time.

Mr Jacobs says the hospital requests that all their patients wear masks in the oncology ward.

“We have had several donations of fabric and machinists’ time, but we need these on an ongoing basis, and I think it is something the community may be happy to help us with,” he said.

Mr Jacobs says the oncology department treats approximately 3 000 patients year.

“Half of these patients will require radiotherapy, either as curative or palliative treatment for their cancer.”

If anyone in the community is able to assist the hospital’s oncology department with masks, they can contact Mr Jacobs on 083 412 5608.