Calling all artists

Marcelino Manhula in action during the 2018 IPAF in Salt River.

Baz-Art is calling on more local artists to participate in the third annual International Public Art festival (IPAF) to be held in Salt River from February 9 to 17 next year.

The non-profit supports street artists and runs guided tours of Salt River street art.

The theme for next year’s IPAF is “Generation Next: Educate, collaborate, empower”. Baz-Art spokeswoman Lana Martens said: “The theme represents a renewed focus on the future and the responsibility of present and successive generations to create a better world for all.”

If you want to take part, email by no later than Saturday December 15. You need to provide a biography indicating personal background, experience, style, previous achievements, and your motivation for participating in IPAF 2019, five reference pictures of your work, your profile picture, a copy of your ID and social media links if applicable.

To qualify, applicants must either be South African or be a resident in the country for at least five years.