Burning issues

Bryan Jones, Newlands

The City’s electrical department appears to be largely dysfunctional in that it seems for whatever reason it is incapable of dealing with two local issues reported on its eServices portal by me, namely a failed street light outside our property on Monday June 19 and multiple street lights being on in the neighbourhood during daylight hours.

To date not only have these issues not been addressed, but in addition it has proven impossible to get any sort of feedback from anyone in the council, including our ward councillor Elizabeth Brunette, in establishing when these issues will be dealt with. Driving around the southern suburbs more recently one sees not just one street with street lights on in daylight but dozens of them and we the residents are continually being harangued by local government about making savings in electricity and water usage.

What a way to encourage ratepayers to do so.

This is pathetic and needs public exposure.

Eddie Andrews, mayoral committee member for area south, responds:

The broken bulb will be replaced this week. With regard to the burning streetlights, unfortunately, as in many other metros, it is actually necessary to leave the lights on during the day in certain areas as a result of theft or vandalism.

Leaving the street lights burning is often the only effective deterrent as thieves rarely risk their lives by hacking into live wires.

When compared with the resources required to replace the bulbs and infrastructure on a regular basis, the cost of energy is fractional.