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J Terblanche, Green Point

I find it disgustingly racist that those rich pensioners of Arcadia Place should sit in their comfort zone with nothing else to do but point fingers at vagrants and homeless people (“Mayoral visit for the elderly,” Tatler, June 23).

I’ve been working in Observatory for quite a while and have never seen any pensioners being attacked or harassed by these people.

There’s also no record of any such acts.

Today’s vagrant and homeless “problem” stems directly from our former white apartheid government who subjected our people to inferior education and jobs.

It is equally disgusting and disrespectful of Mayor Patricia De Lille preferring to waste her time visiting these predominantly white retirement villages in her quest for DA votes while ignoring the plight of the pensioners in Haven Night Shelters who live in dire conditions. Perhaps she has forgotten where she comes from and needs to be reminded that the coloured vote put her in office.

The Haven – as do Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini – have no problem insulting the dignity of pensioners by saying they can make do with R600 a month after increasing the shelter fees to R900 a month.

Maybe they can set an example and show us how. It would be great fun and real entertainment watching them get through the month on R600.

However, if Ms De Lille continues to ignore our plight perhaps we should turn to the EFF as a last resort.