The Wizard of Oz

Travis Hornsby as Doug and Maddie de Villiers as Glinda in A Feast of Flight is Doris and the Wizard of Oz .

A Feast of Flight’s third annual pole dance production presents a twist on the classic The Wizard of Oz and takes place on Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, in Athlone, from 7pm. Doris and the Wizard of Oz follows the character Doug on a journey to complete transformation after running for number one spot in the Emerald City Drag Race. Doug experiences a new lease on life when he realises his true self, Doris. A Feast of Flight is produced by The Pole Project in Woodstock. Tickets cost R255 and can be bought through Quicket. The show contains adult themes and parental guidance is advised.