Abusing the defenseless

Claremont resident Charlotte Caine has written a poet about gender-based violence.

Speaking out

Protesters taking part at one of the several marches against gender-based violence speak out about the crisis.

Gym more broken down

Mowbray resident Matthew Cannon has a question about the new public gym near the canal in Mowbray/Rosebank.

Schools protest against GBV

Staff and pupils wrapped their fence in black fabric and painted the word, “Enough,” to show their solidarity in opposing violence against women and children.

Carehaven closes charity shop

Manager Maranda Lang said it was a sad day when they closed the Mowbray store, which had been a big source of income for them.

Resident perseveres to plug leak

Brian Joss shares the story of Lionel Tessendorf and a huge municipal bill.

Look at D6 holistically

Bonita Bennett calls on mayor Dan Plato to have a conversation with Seven Steps members.

A better life

Jasmine Uys wants a better life for all.

Read of the Week

Simonéh de Bruin-Fortuin reviews Give Me Your Hand bu Megan Abbot.

Move for a healthy lifestyle

The 2018 Healthy Active Kids Report Card revealed that South African children scored an F for sedentary behaviour and screen time, meaning that very few of the South African children and youth are meeting recommended guidelines and may be at risk for the harmful effects of excessive sedentary behaviour and screen time.