Planting trees for Mandela Day

Member of Parliament Emma Powell and Ward 58 councillor Katherine Christie plant a White Karee tree, assisted by City recreation and parks employees, from left, Robyn Davies, Neville Franke, Curwin Konstable and Joseph Kock.

Ward 58 councillor Katherine Christie, along with members of the City’s recreation and parks department, planted trees in Harfield Village ahead of Mandela Day, on Friday July 15.

Members of the public were invited to Hampstead Park in Harfield Village to help plant five indigenous trees in celebration of the life of the country’s former president.

They included three Cape ash trees, one waterberry and one white karee.

Ms Christie said planting trees echoed the former president’s legacy of nurturing future generations.

“Planting trees allows for more oxygen; it can beautify the park, and future generations can appreciate them.”

Friends of Harfield Parks committee member Tina Gough said it was good to get support from the councillor to beautify the community.

Recreation and parks employee David Jonker and Harfield Village resident Rushdea Rahim plant a white karee tree.
Keagan Coetzee, 7, helped to plant the trees.
Finn McFarlane grabs soil from a bucket to throw around a tree.