Honeybun serves meals during Ramadaan

Members of the Honeybun Foundation, from left, Dominique Benson, Ashley Samuels, Audrey Mundey, Fazlin Deare, Stephen Langman and Kayleigh Langman.

The Honeybun Foundation non-profit served hot meals and refreshments in Salt River last Thursday, April 22, to help the Muslim community break their fast during Ramadaan.

The Honeybun Foundation, which was founded in 2014, looks to help the most vulnerable in the community through providing support in health and education as well as meals.

Stephen Langman, the founder of the Ottery-based non-profit, says they would like to visit various communities during the month of Ramadaan once a week to see if they can help in feeding as many people as possible.

Over 50 people attended the evening Iftar outside in Milne Street, where residents were welcomed to share a meal and interact with one another.

Salt River resident, Kamilla Collins says it is a blessing that this organisation could arrange a Iftar in her street.

“I always ask ’why could organisations not arrange an event on my road’. All the children were happy,” she says.

Salt River family who attended the Ifter from left, Malikan Collins, Layla Collins, Kamilla Collins and Raeesa Collins.

Another Salt River resident, Sa-ad Galant says the organisation has a good heart to arrange an Iftar in the street.

If anyone would like to find out more about the Honeybun Foundations initiative during Ramadaan they can email info@honeybunfoundation.org.za or call 071 382 5455.