Group exhibition at Woodstock gallery

Johan Alberts, Androette Bekker, Evert Esterhuizen, Phillip Heenop and Stefan Hofmeyr are exhibiting at Art is Art in Woodstock.

Five artists, Johan Alberts, Androette Bekker, Evert Esterhuizen, Phillip Heenop and Stefan Hofmeyr, are part of a group exhibition at Woodstock’s Art is Art gallery.

“I wanted strong, bold but very different statements for the viewers,” said Reno Horn, the gallery’s director. “I always gravitate towards powerful use of colour, and there is no shortage of colour in this exhibition. I wanted the exhibition to evoke joy and admiration.”

Artists and art galleries had suffered greatly during the pandemic and its associated restrictions on public gatherings, he said.

“Apart from the few online sales one can make, artists and galleries rely heavily on being able to exhibit work. Buyers being able to visit a gallery and seeing work in person will always be more effective in making a connection with the artwork and potentially making a sale.”

Stefan Hofmeyr, of Claremont said: “This year, I am celebrating my 30th year of existing on an income only generated by my art. The pandemic made it very difficult to produce meaningful art, especially since people, places and experiences are what inspire us to create.”

Artists and art buyers benefited a lot more from personal interaction, he said.

“My artwork is completely influenced by South African culture and its land, while adding my own twist to it. Naturally, there is always a mix of African, colonial and geographical elements in the artwork. I will encourage Capetonians to see this exhibition for its general eclectic feel and the superb craftsmanship that the participating artists bring to the table.”

Androette Bekker feels the pandemic has improved her art. “In a way, it has cut out all the noise and outside influence of the modern-day rat race lifestyle that we lead, which has forced me into a period of intense introspection.”

The exhibition is on until the end of the month. Art is Art is in Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. Email for more information.

Independent by Androette Bekker
Joan of Arches by Stefan Hofmeyr