Pinelands hockey boys and girls

■  Pinelands High School pupils selected to represent WP in the upcoming national  hockey championships are, at the back from left,  Nadine Faulmann’ WP under-18 South; Emily Adams, WP under-14 South; Andrew Pick, WP under-18A; Christian Wyngaard, WP under-18B; Noah Jones, WP under-18A; Luke Clark, WP under-18 Non Travelling Reserve (NTR); Mogammad Na’eem Davids, WP under-18B; Dayna Hughes, WP under-16 South; Tyla Frans, WP under-16 NTR. In front, are Casey Coetzee, WP Under-18A; Yusra Azzakani, WP under-18A; Zoë Kannemeyer, WP under-16 South and Chelsea Jeffery, WP under-18B. Dates and the venue will be announced this week.