In honour of a sporting legend

“Miles October from PlaySport4Life started a hall of fame for the legends and it’s great that there’s now some recognition. I feel that it should have come a long time ago because now not many of us are still around,” he said.

Allan O’Ryan said the memorial was to recognise Roman’s achievement because he and many others were never awarded accolades for the victories. “Kenny was the fastest school boy while at Harold Cressy High School, but was never awarded anything in terms of SA colors because we were separated. He had his WP colors though, and was a SA champion,” said O’Ryan.

“At that time, we ran on the cinder track because we needed to apply for a permit to run on the Green Point tar track. The cinder track was less than 1km away from the Green Point track.We invited all the schools in the Western Province and the schools who responded competed at the memorial. Also present were SA champions of the 60s, 70s and 80s, who were acknowledged for what they did.

“Going forward, we will be setting up a legends hall of fame and continue to get hold of many other past athletes.

“And, we hope to set up a high performance centre where we’ll be nurturing promising athletes,” he said.