Clint eyes Olympics

Cape beach volleyball player Clinton Stemmet
Cape beach volleyball player Clinton Stemmet

Cape beach volleyball player, Clinton Stemmet, 32, from Mitchell’s Plain, is on a mission to qualify to take part in this year’s Olympic Games, in Tokyo.

Stemmet, along with his teammate, Jerome Fredericks, also from Mitchell’s Plain, who is currently in the Czech Republic, will take part in the Continental Cup in Rabat, Morocco.

The event is the final Olympic qualifier to select players from the African continent.

The former Allstar Saints Volleyball member was introduced to the game while at primary school and continued in high school.

He was part of teams that won the Top Schools Volleyball Tournament at both high school and primary school and was a member of the SA team that took part in the International Schools Federation (ISF) volleyball world cup in Croatia, in 2006.

Stemmet, a member of the Cape Warriors Volleyball Academy, is currently employed by the department of cultural affairs and sport as a sports coach. Although volleyball remains his primary concern, he is also responsible for overseeing cricket, rugby and chess coaching at a number of schools in Mitchell’s Plain.