Caution: Wet and slippery

Saturday’s freezing cold and soaking wet race meeting at Killarney produced some masterful driving skills and also some disastrous consequences for lapses in concentration.

Gary Thomson misses the brake marker into Hoals Hoek and rearranges the mud bath in his V8 masters race car. PICTURE: COLIN BROWN
Andrew Moffitt creates the biggest spray of the day in the aptly named “Damps Dip” corner. The marshals were not amused. PICTURE: COLIN BROWN
Mark Tucker finds his Formula Vee wedged over the edge of turn one and even with all the help he could get, stayed right there. PICTURE: COLIN BROWN
Franco Donadio had the dubious honour of leading the way into turn one in the classic car heat one race. PICTURE: COLIN BROWN
The conditions were treacherous into turn one as Trevor Hutchins finds out during his trip through the run-off area. PICTURE: COLIN BROWN