Watch out for ATM crooks

Hilary Lumb, Claremont

On Tuesday May 25, at around 4.40pm, my mother, nearly 80, was doing a banking transaction at the Standard Bank ATM, at Rosmead Spar, in Kenilworth.

She was interrupted by a couple who were impatient behind her, saying that she was taking too long. The woman, well dressed and attractive with braided hair, then approached my mom and said the card machine was maybe not working and she wanted to try her card. In the process, she managed to switch cards with my mom and obtained my mother’s PIN.

They then ran to an awaiting car, which sped off, around 4.45pm, from the Rosmead Spar parking area and went to the Shell garage Standard Bank ATM where they managed to draw cash.

They then sped on to a Rondebosch Shop2Shop store where a significant amount of cash was transferred out of my mother’s account.

This happened before we could stop my mom’s card with the fraud line.

There is a police case open regarding this theft, and we are calling on any witness who may have seen anything or experienced anything similar to contact the detective unit at Claremont police station on 021 657 2240.

We would like to catch these criminals and also warn others shopping and banking in the area to be on high alert at all times.