Thanks for excellent service

Marilyn Mills, Muizenberg

I was dreading having to queue for hours to renew my driver’s licence which expires in November.

On October 5, I decided to bite the bullet, have my photos done and go and queue at Fish Hoek.

At 11:30am on that day I joined a fantastically short queue and was totally surprised.

There were two staff members handing out forms to those in the queue to fill in as they waited.

Once the forms were completed these two people took all our documents together with the forms and had them processed for us as we waited outside in line.

They then brought them back to us and we waited to go in for eye test and fingerprints.

Very efficient! All told once I was done and my licence was paid for, I was out of there at 1pm. Amazing.

The cashier told me I would receive a message on my cell within four to five weeks to collect my licence.

Well there is the truly amazing part.

Two weeks later there I was again on Sunday October 18 to collect my new licence. No queue and it took all of maybe two minutes and I had my new licence.

Well done to all those hard-working people taking care of business and being so efficient in processing the renewal of our licences.

You are truly appreciated.