Thanks for arranging prompt staircase clean-up

Jerome Jansen, Rondebosch East

I would like to commend Ward 60 councillor Mark Kleinschmidt on how quickly he got a municipal cleaning team together to clean a filthy staircase along a bridge in Rondebosch East.

Last Friday, February 18, I emailed Councillor Kleinschmidt around 4.40pm to inform him about the garbage and faeces that covered the staircase and below the side alleyway next to the bridge across the way from the Catholic church by the Wolsey Road traffic lights.

He replied shortly before 5pm that he made an urgent service request.

Then last Saturday, February 19, when I was leaving my house around 8.20am, there was a team sent out to clean up. I greeted and thanked them, then was approached by their supervisor who said that he would notify the office to put the site down as a hot spot to check on a regular basis as it was where the vagrants and people looking for scrap metal would always dump the rubbish that they didn’t want.

I immediately took some pictures of them cleaning up and forwarded them to Councillor Kleinschmidt, thanking him for the great swift service that I have ever experienced from Cape Town City council.

How the staircase looked before the clean-up.
How the staircase looked after the clean-up.