Research into history of Scouts

Dr Farieda Khan, Southfield

I am a social historian currently conducting research into the history of Cape Town-based Scouts during the twentieth century.

I am focusing on Coloured and African Scout groups as, for a number of reasons, much of this history has either been lost or not recorded.

As a historian, I feel that these gaps represent a great loss to the history of the development of scouting in Cape Town, as without filling these gaps, the full story cannot be told. Hence I would very much like to interview former Scouts and Scout Masters based in Cape Town (including the southern and northern suburbs and the Cape Flats) who were active during any part of the twentieth century, and also make contact with Scout groups who were able to preserve their past records.

The interviews held (via email or in-person) and the records consulted will form part of any popular articles, conference and academic papers I intend to write.

If you are able to contribute to my research project in any way, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me at: Thank you.