Youth excited about skate park

Matthew Kempthorne, Suzette Little, Brett Herron and Paddy Chapple as construction starts on the skate park.

Skaters are amped about breaking in a new skate park being built in Woodstock.

The park is near Woodstock Town Hall Park, along Victoria road, between Plein and Aberdeen streets.

The project – launched on Wednesday February 7 – is the result of discussions with the community and skateboarders about how to revitalise the Woodstock Town Hall precinct, as part of a 2014 World Design Capital project.

The R630 000 project is funded from the City’s capital budget.

The town hall precinct has already seen some improvements since 2014, including cobble and red-brick paving and extra parking.

Irshaad Toeffy, from Upper Woodstock, hopes to see b-boy dancing, competitions and perhaps even international events coming to the area, once the skate park opens.

“Skate parks generate lots of hype and excitement,” he said. “This must become something we can use to fight crime and grime in our communities. Our kids need stuff like this.”

Local skater Landon Walton, said the skate park was situated perfectly for children to be able to watch and learn skating techniques from each other.

“It’s activities such as these that fight the illegal stuff taking over our communities,” he said.

“In America, you see skate parks everywhere. In nearly every community, there is at least one, and there is always excitement surrounding the skate park. “When it’s eventually done, you will know where to find me,” he laughed.