You don’t have to be trendy to be stylish

It’s funny how certain styles are trending every year and by the end of the season everyone’s fed up with them, but the following year the excitement is there again. That’s fashion for you.

It used to be that a fashion trend would last a decade. Look at the 1950s and 60s. Now it seems the latest fashion trends barely last a season.

However, I find on closer inspection it’s not as bad as it seems. Often the main fashion trends stay the same for a few seasons in a row with minor trends coming and going more quickly. And with the more frequent changes older styles come back into fashion again more quickly.

The good news is that today’s fashion trends combine into many “looks”. And there are a number of styles for each trend, for example, when the latest pants style was skinny leg, wide and straight legs were also in.

So it’s usually possible to find at least one look that suits your body shape and your style personality.

You don’t have to be trendy to be stylish.

And there is certainly no need to slavishly follow a current fashion trend look — in fact, it’s preferable not to.

However, to keep your look contemporary it is important to incorporate at least one or two current fashion trends into your outfits.

And, it can be fun to update your look, especially when you’re armed with a few guidelines to make the styles you like work for you.

The most cost effective way to update an outfit is by adding one or more current fashion accessories.

For example, adding a new pair of shoes or boots in a current style, perhaps combined with a contemporary necklace or scarf and earrings can totally transform an outfit you already have and give it a new lease of life.

Plan for the new season

It can be confusing (and expensive) hitting the shops at the start of a new season without a plan.

If you do, you may well end up with items that are too similar to what you already have, or that don’t go with anything else. Shopping is more productive, more fun and costs less when you have a plan that you (largely) follow. At the start of a new season it’s a good idea to…

Clean out your wardrobe

Audit your wardrobe. Even if you don’t do a full clear out, at the very least audit your wardrobe for gaps…

What items do you need to purchase for the coming or current season? What is looking worn and needs replacing?

What item do you find yourself wishing you had as you get ready to go out for a daily activity or a special occasion? Make a list of things to buy.

Research the current trends

Ask yourself what hot new trends excite you; will those trends suit you and your lifestyle needs and do they suit your body shape, your colouring and your personality?

You can also get more advice and check out my observations on the latest fashion trends on my blog.

Now, go shopping – and have fun.

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